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Your Choice Of Funeral

At Greg Stewart Funeral Service, we offer a range of products and funeral service packages to suit your personal budget and religious needs. We focus on celebrating the life and memory of your loved one.

Our friendly and experienced directors are here to provide you and your family with all the support required at this most difficult time helping you plan a service that is a reflection of your loved ones life lived. 

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Funeral Glasgow
Funeral Services


Our company offers a range of services including 


Burial, Cremation and Woodlands and Natural Burial Services.

Direct Cremations.

Coffins and Caskets.

Ashes and Urns.

Burial at Sea.


Burial Services


Our burial service can take place in a cemetery of choice or an existing family plot.

The service can be conducted at the graveside or a church or chapel can be arranged.   

Cremation Services


Our cremation service can take place at a crematorium of choice, we can organise a church or chapel service beforehand.

Woodlands and Natural Burial Services


A Woodlands and natural burial is an environmentally-friendly burial alternative, the burial can be in the form of the deceased being laid to rest in one of our biodegradable coffins or caskets or the cremated ashes being interned. 

Coffins and Caskets


A selection of coffins, caskets, wicker woodland caskets & personalised coffins are available on request.

Repatriation Service


The death of a loved one away from home only adds to an already stressful time, no matter where it happens.

This can be more overwhelming for international families whose wish is to have their deceased loved ones returned home.

Funeral Service Edinburgh
Recorded or live-streamed services


We offer additional options to help family members or friends who for whatever reasons can not attend the service, wither they are elderly or overseas this service gives all their opportunity to say goodbye, no matter where they might live.

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